• To comply with national and international legal regulations
• To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level
• To work with our suppliers and customers in mutual business cooperation and confidence
• To provide trainings to the sector employees via deep knowledge and experience that we have in our work
• To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve its effectiveness
• To be the most preferred organization in our sector via our high-quality services is our company's quality policy.


As CRM CRO and its employees, in order to manage all kinds of risks related to business continuity and our information assets,

• To document, certify, maintain its continuity, improve its progression to a better level, and improve continuously our Information Security
• Management System in comply with the requirements of of ISO 27001: 2013 Standard
• To provide business continuity and minimize possible loss
• To protect the information against access of unauthorized person who may breach the confidentiality and integrity of it
• To comply with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security
• To systematically manage the risks against information assets
• To perform trainings which can improve technical and behavioral perfection in order to increase information security awareness
• To be the most preferred organization in our sector via managing above mentioned activities integrated with other management systems that we applied, our high-quality services, and our pioneering role in information security in our sector is our company's information security policy.


Sözleşmeli Araştırma Kuruluşu
Merkezi Ankara'da olan CRM, Ekim 2006'da bir Sözleşmeli Araştırma Kuruluşu (SAK) olarak kurulmuştur. Klinik araştırma sektöründe 10 yıldan daha fazla tecrübesiyle kurucuları güvenilir ve sorumluluk sahibi bir SAK alternatifi sunmak üzere CRM'yi faaliyete geçirmişlerdir.


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